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2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy

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2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy Empty 2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy

Post by Dancinggirl97 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:16 pm

Candy Corn Teddy!

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Launched in October 2010, this 16 inch Build-A-Bear Workshop Halloween Candy Corn Teddy is the 12th of the Beary Limited Edition Collectibear. If you take a closer look, you can see that the candy corns designs on the fur actually "pops" out slightly. And the bear has a cute little candy corn embroidery as its nose.

This Candy Corn Teddy bear is very similar to the Cuddly Candy Teddy launched in 2005, Pawsome Pumkin Teddy launched in 2006 and Corn Candy Bear launched in 2007. If you are new to Build-A-Bear and has the intention to start collecting its Halloween bears, here's how you tell them apart.

•2005 Cuddly Candy Teddy has pale orange fur with candy corn patterns
•2006 Pawsome Pumkin Teddy has white fur with pumpkins patterns
•2007 Corn Candy Bear has yellow fur with candy corn patterns
•2010 Candy Corn Teddy has white fur with candy corn patterns

2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy Dancing
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2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy Empty Re: 2010 Build-A-Bear Halloween Teddy

Post by devjes13 on Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:06 pm

i have the 2005 halloween teddy. i got her with my girlscout troop when i was 7. she is VERY dirty and has matted fur but where the limbs and head meet the body and on part of the butt it has its color and fur type of when i first got it! i am going to wash her l8tr tonite!! panda pooh sleeping yay soft bear clapping

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