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Mystical, Magical Animals Arriving Soon!

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Mystical, Magical Animals Arriving Soon!

Post by LuvNStuff on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:31 pm

I've got some information about new Furry Friends coming to
Build-a-Bear Workshops
and Build-a-Bearville. We aren't sure at this time about the US release
of this new line of Furry Friends, but according to the UK Mailing, UK members will be able to purchase them starting April 5th. The rumor is currently that these will be available in the US in June, but we cannot confirm this information.

Also according to to the mailing the FFI's (Furry Friend Items) for both of these are rides! The Enchanted Pony comes with a pony that you can ride in Bearville and the Enchanted Dragon comes with a pair of dragon wings that you can wear!
Credit to: Bearville Insider


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